Registration and Enrolment to Courses

  1. Choose from the available courses



  2. Registration of selected subjects in InSIS

  3. Wait for automatic enrolment in InSIS

  4. Subjects may be changed during the enrolment and the first week of semester

  5. Confirm your enrolment by attending the first lesson of the selected subject

The courses of the cTVS 2 group are registered and enrolled in InSIS.

Registration and Enrolment to Courses

Before choosing a subject, it is recommended that students familiarise themselves with its content, which is listed in the list of subjects. When choosing a particular course, it is necessary to take into account the specifics and requirements (if any) of the selected course, which are given in the schedule of courses.

Registration and enrolment of CTVS courses for a given study period are performed through InSIS only within the deadlines set by the Registration and Enrolment Schedule.

The registration and enrolment systems for CTVS courses allow for:

  • Register for one selected subject of the cTVS 2 group in the given study period

If the result of registration was unsuccessful, it is possible to enrol in CTVS subjects during the 3rd round of enrolment however, only if sufficient capacity is available after the 1st and 2nd rounds of enrolment have taken place.

Registration for physical education is intended for students who are truly interested in completing the cTVS courses during the given period. Registration and changes to the selected subjects as well as to schedule actions can be made at any time of the entire registration period. The time of registration of the selected course will NOT affect the following automatic enrolment process.

Students are required to confirm the successful enrolment by their attending the first lesson, during which they will get acquainted with the content, organizational and security aspects of the course in question and will be informed about the conditions for granting credit.

During the first lesson, student´s demand (if any) for transferring to another course due to student´s different performance is subject to teacher´s approval. Students wanting a cancellation of enrolment process, approved transfers to other courses and new enrolments to courses with available capacity are required to make necessary changes in InSIS without any delay. The student is required to confirm the changes by his or her attending the following lesson of (newly) selected course.