Withdrawal from CTVS course

  1. Inform the lecturer immediately

  2. Given confirmation of inability to attend the course to the instructor required

  3. Instructor decides whether withdrawal is justified

The withdrawal follows the school-wide regulation; Study and Examination Regulations of Prague University of Economics and Business, Article 11: Obstacles to the fulfilment of study requirements.

The teacher of the course has the competence to excuse (withdraw a student) the enrolled cTVS2 course on the basis of serious (usually health) reasons. The withdrawal of the subject is possible if the reasons persisted for the most part of the semester.

A student requesting a withdrawal from a course for the current semester will hand over a copy of the confirmation of inability to attend a course, using ideally the official CTVS form, to the teacher by the end of the examination period at the latest. If the confirmation has been approved by the teacher, it is within his competence to record the withdrawal of the subject in InSIS. The student is required to send a copy of the document(s) to the teacher within 3 days of the beginning of the inability.

If the confirmation was submitted after the semester had ended, the student submits the request to the CTVS Secretariat with the teacher’s statement whether or he or she approves the withdrawal.