Instructions for booking

When entering the gym, the exerciser is obliged to follow the gym rules and regulations.

  1. On the page (dormitory accommodation system),
    log in using the valid login data you use for the InSIS system.

  2. In the menu, choose AccountAccounts and click Charge for the Main account.

  3. Choose the amount to top up (at least the value of your reservation),
    choose a payment method and follow the instructions.

  4. If the payment has been successfully credited, you will see it in the Main Account. You can now make a reservation.
    In the menu, select Service reservationsNew booking.
    Choose the Italian Building (IB 306) – Gym from the list of sports venues.

  5. Enter the desired day and hour of the reservation.
    If you successfully created a reservation, you will see it in the Service reservations menu – My booking.
    You can now access the gym with a student/employee card.

Additional information