Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. L. Bumba
Instructor: Mgr. L. Bumba, Mgr. G. Fliedrová, Mgr. V. Buriš, B. Kindlová
Course code: TVSFIT

This course offers students the opportunity to acquire motoric abilities and skills in various types of aerobics. Besides the well-known forms of low aerobics, high aerobics, aerobics mix, dance aerobics, interval aerobics, bodystyling, stretching, the subject also includes the more unusual tae bo, chi-toning, pilates, power yoga or various types of interval training.

The variety of courses is enhanced not only with a large selection of equipment fitballs, overballs, therabandas, dumbbells, slides, bars, steppes, skipping ropes, BOSU, pilates circles, but also with expertise and different concepts of individual teachers.


Vysoká škola ekonomická – nám. W. Churchilla č. 4, Praha 3 – Žižkov, mapa

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