Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. Ing. R. Fiala
Instructor: Mgr. Ing. R. Fiala, Mgr. H. Mázlová, Mgr. J. Velenský
Course code: TVSBAS

The courses offered are divided according to a performance level into beginners, advanced and competitive players. Courses are offered for both women and men; mixed courses are also available. For beginners and recreational players, the lessons are about mastering the basic elements of technique and tactics, the lessons for competitive players takes the form of training. The players at competitive level form the representation teams of the University, which takes part in the championships of Prague universities and the Czech Academic Games every year.

Those interested in regular basketball at competitive level can register for the basketball team of VŠTJ EKONOM, whose teams participate in Prague competitions.


  • Sportovní hala Třebešín – Na Třebešíně 3215/1, Praha 3, mapa

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