Thai-Box Courses of Interest are intended for students, graduates and employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business regardless of performance level. The course is also suitable for women as form of self-defence. Courses of interest are beyond the scope of study obligations and credits cannot be awarded.

The main content of the beginners´ courses is to learn the basics of kicking and punching techniques, their various combinations and practice on punch bags and focus mitts. Lessons are adapted to meet physical endurance of the students. The course also includes strengthening and various combative games aimed at developing strength, perception and tactics. Beginners and advanced train during the same lesson however the content of training may differ.

After mastering the basic techniques and their combinations in the form of shading and drills, one of the objectives of the course is to enable students to practice in a controlled sparring. It is therefore essential that all students have the necessary equipment. Recommendation: beginners – sparring gloves, bandages and tooth protectors, advanced – tooth protectors, sparing gloves, suspensor, shin, elbow and knee protectors. Pure boxing exercises and sparring can only be undertaken with a tooth protector and gloves.

Course Information

Winter Term 2020/2021 – COURSE IS CLOSED

  • Registration:
  • Price: students 600,- Kč, graduates and employees 1200,- Kč
  • Course date: Tuesday 19:00 – 20:30
  • Venue: the gym located in Jarov – CK 0127

The lessons are being held during the whole semester. The course capacity is 20 persons.

Registration is done using InSIS, Personal management section, Application for the course tab. Information on the procedure can be found at The application will only be available during the registration period. Checking-out is possible only by e-mail (

The success of the registration may be verified in My Study – Student Portal section with a time delay, no later than 23.9.2019. After the acceptance into the course, it is necessary to make wire transfer no later than 27.9.2019.

Payment Information

  • Account number 1828862/0800
  • Variable Symbol for the course is a 10-digit number with the following structure: 4201CCCCCC
    • 4 – Thai-box Courses of Interest
    • 201 = Course code
    • CCCCCC = 6-digit number corresponding with the student´s ID (not the ID card number). If the number is shorter than six digits, an appropriate number of zeros is to be added from the left, e.g. 055923

Supervisor of Thai-Box Courses of Interest: : Mgr. I. Veberová –

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