Krav Maga

Summer Term 2021/2022 – COURSE IS CLOSED

Krav-Maga courses of interest are intended for students, graduates and employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Courses of interest are beyond the scope of study obligations and credits cannot be awarded.

Currently, Krav Maga is considered the most effective self-defence system in the world. It is a system with a unique logical approach, easy to learn and remember, built on natural and intuitive reactions and easy to use in stressful situations. The course content is a unique learning process with a sophisticated methodology and a wide range of training methods.

The program includes lessons focused on the basics and improvement of strikes, kicks and defence techniques, unarmed and armed attacks, the use of common items for self-defence, solutions to every attack, VIP protection, fighting with multiple attackers.

The lesson is led by Ing. Michal Otípka – IKMFCZ President and Chief Instructor, Level Expert 1, Civilian and VIP Protection, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Kids Instructor, Telescopic Baton and Coercive Instructor (Club: Krav Maga Praha,

Enrolment Information

Valid for Winter Term 2020/2021 – 21.9. – 18.12.2020

  • Registration: from Friday 18.9.2020 8.00 to Friday 25.9.2020 20:00.
  • Price: students 700,- Kč, graduates and employees 1200,- Kč
  • Course date: Thursday 17:30 – 19:00
  • Venue:the gym located in the old building (SB TEL), VŠE, Prague, Žižkov

Courses are being held during the whole semester. Course capacity is 40 persons.

Registration is done using InSIS, Personal management section, Application for the course tab. Information on the procedure can be found at The application will only be available during the registration period. Checking-out is possible only by e-mail (

The success of the registration may be verified in My Study – Student Portal section with a time delay. After succesfull registration you will receive e-mail with payment information

Payment information

  • Account number: 1828862/0800
  • IBAN: CZ21 0800 0000 0000 0182 8782
  • Variable Symbols for a course is a 10-digit number with the following structure: 5202CCCCCC
  • 5 – Fitness Courses of Interest
  • 202 – Code of the selected course
  • CCCCCC – 6-digit number corresponding with the student´s ID (not the ID card number). If the number is shorter than six digits, an appropriate number of zeros is to be added from the left, e.g. 055923

The deadline for registration is decisive in the registration process. Students receive the course pass from his lecturer after the payment has been received.

Supervisor of Fitness Courses of Interest: Mgr. I. Veberová –

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