Body Strengthening 2


Body Strengthening Courses of Interest are intended for students, graduates and employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Courses of interest are beyond the scope of study obligations and credits cannot be awarded. The courses lecturers are students of the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Course Information

Valid for Summer Term 2019/20

  • Registration: from Monday 17.2.2020, 9:00 to Sunday 12.4.2020, 23:59
  • Price: 
    • STANDARD CARD = 10 vstupů (students 400,- Kč, graduates 600,- Kč )
    • ALL INCLUSIVE CARD = unlimited entries (students 1000,- Kč, graduates 1200,- Kč)
  • Course Date: According to the Course of Interest Schedule
  • Venue: the gym located in the Italian building (IB 306) of Prague University of Economics and Business in Žižkov

The courses are being held during the semester and exam periods. Purchased cards are valid for one semester and the corresponding exam period.

Registration is done using InSIS, in  Personal management section, Application for the course tab. Information on the procedure can be found at The application will only be available during the registration period.

The success of the registration may be verified in My Study – Student Portal section with a time delay. Upon the admission to the course, it is necessary to make a wire transfer no later than 5 working days after verifying the successful registration. Foreign students and students that have not got a bank account may pay in person. (Ms. Hůlková – CTVS Secretariat – KH)

Payment Information

  • Account Number: 1828862/0800
  • Variable Symbol for the course is a 10-digit number with the following structure: 2KKKCCCCCC
    • 2 = Body Strengthening Courses of Interest
    • KKK = Code of the Selected Course according to Courses of Interest Schedule (201,202, etc.)
    • CCCCCC = 6-digit number corresponding with the student´s ID (not the ID card number). If the number is shorter than six digits, an appropriate number of zeros is to be added from the left, e.g. 055923
  • Write the type of your card, i.e. STANDARD of ALL INCLUSIVE, and your last name in the note of the wire transfer.

Students register for one course of interest and do so only once. Register for the course that suits you best. After successful enrolment, you can also attend other courses from the Body Strengthening 2 Courses of Interest if there is a free capacity. The free capacity is determined solely by the instructor according to the following rule

  1. Properly enrolled in “your” selected course with a valid card.
  2. Properly enrolled in a “different” course with a valid card.

The course is reserved for employees of the Prague University of Economics and Business  on Friday 14:30 – 16:00, which is free of charge. If you choose another course, it is charged 800, – CZK per a semester and an examination period; also follow the aforementioned rule, see. payment information

Additional Information

Upon successful enrolment and payment, arrive for your selected lesson/course where you will be asked to show your Identification Card and the proof of payment (graduates are required to show the proof of payment only) to the instructor. You will receive your entry card from the instructor. Depending on the selected pass card and the amount paid, you will be issued a pass card for the appropriate number of entries. Neither refund of the paid amount nor validity extension is allowed for any reason.

Students are required to follow instructor´s instructions and to adhere to the Gym Operational Rules. In case of a serious breach of the Operational Rules and failure to comply with instructor´s instructions, instructor is entitled to expel the student from the course without any compensation.

Suitable clothes, closed clean shoes and a towel are required to be permitted entry to the gym.

News concerning the Body Strengthening Courses, including the exam schedule, which differs from the schedule for semester lessons, can be found at Facebook – Strengthening Courses of Interest

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