Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. J. Musilová
Instructor: Mgr. J. Musilová, Mgr. A. Hájková
Course code: TVSPLA

Swimming takes a specific place among sports due to the aquatic environment, horizontal working position of the body and other peculiarities. It has considerable positive health effects..

The courses are divided according to performance level

  • Basic level – the aim is to master the correct technique of the breast swimming method and to build on other swimming methods.
  • Improving level – development of acquired swimming skills and improvement of all swimming methods.
  • Endurance level – designed mainly for students who are well versed in all three swimming styles (backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle) while being able to swim continually.
  • Competitive level – the TVSPLA 003 course is intended for a preparation for the representation team of the school, where students represent the University of Economics at the University League and ČAH. The course is intended for students at competitive levels. In case of full capacity, students are advised to consult the supervisor.

The number of students in the courses is limited by the capacity of the available swimming lines. In case of inadequate enrolment in terms of the performance level, students may be reassigned by the instructor.

Students will receive an entry card allowing them to enter the swimming complex in Podolí; upon the conclusion of the course, students are required to return the entry cards.


  • Plavecký stadion Podolí – Podolská 74, Praha 4, mapa

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