Outdoor sports II

Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. T. Vaněk
Instructor: Mgr. T. Vaněk
Course code: TVSOUT

Students are acquainted with various sports activities that may be held in nature.

The lessons are organized in such a way that the individual outdoor activities are directed to various natural areas located in Prague (Hostivař Dam, Krč and Milíčov Forest, Divoká Šárka, Prokopské Valley, Stromovka, etc.).

The lessons take part in several lessons, each of which takes one hour, and are intended to familiarise the students with basic skills such as rock climbing, OB, mountain biking, MTBO, canoeing and kayaking, rafting, skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing and other exercises and games in nature.

Compulsory part of the course is also passing swimming tests in the open water of the Vltava River.

Due to the content of this course, which uses different natural areas that allow for individual activities to take place in a given time of the year, the course is time-consuming and requires more time in the study schedule (Thursday 9.00 – 12.00).

The composition and content of this course is intended primarily for beginners that will get familiar with the basic skills of each outdoor activity, but also allows advanced individuals to deepen their already acquired skills and abilities.

For those who have completed the course during the semester and have become interested in experiences that only outdoor sports activities offer, there is a number of other options prepared within the Outdoor sports section at VŠTJ Ekonom.


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