Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. M. Libra
Instructor: Mgr. M. Libra, Mgr. J. Linková
Course code: TVSSPG

The subject of gymnastics at the University of Economics focuses on the applied sports acrobatics – both on cultivation of normal (locomotion) and partial (local) motor skills, and training specific skills in various styles, positions and movements of the whole body aimed at improving general dexterity, strength , coordination and spatial orientation.

After having mastered the whole system of acrobatic training, students will able to master acrobatic shapes with the inclusion of somersault elements. These exercises proved to be an advantageous complement for sports with demands on spatial orientation, coordination (combat techniques, jumps, modern dance, etc.)

Lessons are also available for beginners: beginners lessons take place on Thursday morning at the TJ Bohemians gym in Slovenská ul.


  • TJ Bohemians – Slovenská 2, Praha 10, mapa

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