Body Strengthening

Supervisor: Bc. M. Fabián
Instructor: Mgr J. Pintíř, Bc. M. Fabián, Mgr. G. Fliedrová, Mgr. Š. Kopřivová
Course code: TVSPOS

Due to the wide range of people with different ideas and physical preconditions, the content of the courses focuses on exercising and strengthening the main muscle groups. In course of one semester, students will acquire basic knowledge and skills in several types of training styles aimed at increasing muscle strength, increasing muscle volume, improving stamina, exercising to help to increase fat burning and various types of compensatory exercises.

Some courses also include basic information on physiology and anatomy, nutrition regimes for recreational athletes, appropriate complementary sports, relaxation, regeneration and food supplements.


  • Prague University of Economics and Business – nám. W. Churchilla č. 4, Praha 3 – Žižkov, mapa

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