Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. T. Vaněk
Course code: TVSTHA

The main content of the beginners courses is to learn the basics of kicking and punching techniques, their various combinations and practice on punch bags and focus mitts. Lessons are adapted to meet physical endurance of the students (gloves and bandages are necessary). Training is focused on the endurance type of thai boxing. The course also includes strengthening and various combative games aimed at developing strength, perception and tactics.

The advanced courses cover the above-mentioned activities with drills (contact training techniques and combinations in pairs) and sparring. Students are required to have all the necessary protectors. The prerequisite is having several years of experience in martial arts. Students who do not meet the performance requirements of this course may be transferred or excluded from the class for safety reasons.


  • Koleje VŠE Jarov (CK 0127) – Koněvova, Praha 3, mapa

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