Sport climbing

Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. T. Vaněk
Instructor: Mgr. T. Vaněk. Mgr. J. Kodejška, Ph.D.
Course code: TVSSPL

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the basics of climbing on an artificial climbing wall. The course focuses on acquirement of skills of climbing, belaying, abseiling, jumaring, path leading and knotting. The courses are designed for beginners and advanced climbers as well. Material such as ropes, harnesses and belaying equipment is provided by CTVS, however it is necessary to own climbing shoes.

The semester course is followed by off-semester LSK climbing on training rocks, ZSK Skiing, ice climbing and other outdoor activities.


  • Sportovní hala Třebešín – Na Třebešíně 3215/1, Praha 3, mapa

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