Supervisor: odb. as. Mgr. T. Pachl
Instructor: Mgr. D. Kašpar
Course code: TVSSER

Sports fencing is a discipline developing perception skills, speed and determination. Increases movement coordination of all muscle groups and central nervous system as well as overall readiness to solve complex physical and mental situations.

Enrolment is possible both for beginner courses, which are intended for students without prior fencing experience, or advanced, where enrolled students are expected to have mastered the basic fencing movements and techniques. Training is conducted by swordplay. By the end of the first semester, students will have been able to fence in free matches on the electrical apparatus under the instructor´s supervision.

All equipment (fencing mask, gloves, suit, protectors, rapiers) is available. Courses are held in a specialized fencing room.

Students who have a deeper interest in fencing and want to fence on a competitive level, have got the opportunity to continue in the fencing team of VŠTJ Ekonom.


  • Koleje VŠE Jarov (CK 0127) – Koněvova, Praha 3, mapa

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