11.6.2018 - 28.8.2018 - Registrace - semestrální kurzy

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Sport courses for English speaking students

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Centre for physical education and sports, University of Economics, Prague, offers sport courses for English speaking students. Sport classes are held once a week. They start on 17th September 2018 and last till 14th December 2018. It is possible to attend more classes.

All English speaking students are invited for Basketball, Tennis, Fitness-Aerobics, Fitness Bodybuilding and Swimming courses.

Information brochure in PDF - in preparation

More information:

For registration contact the respective teacher through e-mail.

BASKETBALL: jakub.velensky@volny.cz
FITNESS BODYBUILDING: michal.fabian@vse.cz
TENNIS: libra@vse.cz
FITNESS–AEROBICS: gabriela.cermakova@vse.cz
SWIMMING: jindra.musilova@vse.cz